Citizen Dan

Welcome to the Citizen Dan Sandbox!

Citizen Dan is the working, sandbox demo instance for the Civic Dynamics Platform (CDP). You are free to explore and play.

CDP is a turnkey, open-source platform for local governments and the organizations that support them to post dynamic data, including community indicators, useful to their communities. The CDP platform can integrate and provide search and filtering capabilities for documents and text, semi-structured content like Web pages, and structured content as may be found in spreadsheets or large databases. CDP is supported by Civic Dynamics Inc.

CDP combines multiple open source components and engines into a comprehensive whole. Its content management framework and user interface is provided by Drupal. As a result, CDP can operate as its own standalone appliance or may be integrated with other community portal functions.

This Citizen Dan instance is a sandbox based on data from Iowa City (IA). Most of the stories and pictures have been drawn from Wikipedia; most demographic data is from the US Census Bureau.

The presentation templates herein are only one of many design and layout choices, including whether and what widgets are included. Some of the CDP's exemplar installations have a much different appearance and apparent functionality from the Citizen Dan example.

This site contains many cool widgets and components in such areas as dynamic browsing, mapping, story tagging, charts, slicing-and-dicing, exports and so forth. Some potential functionality has been turned off in the current demo. This site also has links to the ontology (MUNI) and knowledge base (wiki) that accompanies the CDP platform, as well as pointers to where to learn more.